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Bar Mines

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Hello again.
I was wondering if it was a tall possible for Ace to create some Bar mines for the use of mobility killing MBT's like T72 or T90.
Also it serves a secondary purpose in the UK Forces we used them in Afghanistan to blow holes in compound walls with good effect So if you guys could make those with duel purpose that would be awesome.

Thanks allot fellas i appreciate you have allot on your plate.


Updated by kju about 6 years ago

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Is this to be for ACE2?

Updated by Cross88 about 6 years ago

Yes for ACE2.
MY bad my first ticket submition i'm just a dumb grunt.

Updated by admin about 6 years ago

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Updated by stagler about 6 years ago

If Barmines are unfeasible, I would like to see C4s able to breach the OA compound walls. They are currently unable to breach all type of compound walls, having a similar explosion to that of a hand grenade.

Updated by rocko about 6 years ago

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Needs a model for BAR mine otherwise byebye ticket.
C4 not being able to tear down walls needs an extra ticket, or byebye ticket aswell.

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