Bug #18491

Freedom Fighters scenario will not end after 3 hours

Added by OMAC over 5 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Status:Assigned Start date:03/25/2011
Priority:Normal Due date:04/05/2012
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Target version:-
Affected ArmA II version:1.11.86734 First affected build:
Reproduced by another DH user:Yes First affected ArmA II version:1.08.74450
I am using some Mods:No Single / Multi Player?:SP Only
I am using:CO (OA+A2) BIForumURL: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=2084287#post2084287
Reproducible for you:Yes NGUrl:
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New issue:

Jezuro's 2011 fix changed end conditions in Sensor classes, code to compute 3 hour time limit, mission start time, etc.:


Now, enough time is given to complete objectives before sunrise (6am), at which time uncompleted objectives will fail (red x's). However, mission will not end after 3 hours of game time (6am). Mission should end at 6am game time (END conditions 2-4) or earlier (END condition 1). Unless END1 conditions are met, mission will never end (see screenshot). This behavior is unchanged from before Jezuro's 2011 fix.

Old Description:

The end trigger 2,3,4 are missing the endMission "ENDX"; command (defined in the mission.sqm).

More details below.

The end condition has also a flaw. The mission may not end,
if the player has the east base destroyed and still not captured 3 towns.

The task state of the win condition for END1 is not set correctly,
as this is done in a 10s cycle, but the mission ends immediately.
(winConditions.sqf vs processEndTasks.sqf)

---In Arma 2 1.08, 1.09, 1.11 playing under CO with 1.58, 1.59 and 1.60 patches, only end condition 1 ends the Freedom Fighters SP scenario:

"endMission ""END1""";"


text="Eat this, Ivan!";
expCond="(BIS_captureCount == (count towns)) && BIS_WF_EastBaseDestroyed && !BIS_timeUp";
expActiv="activatekey ""BIS_SP04""; BIS_handle = execVM ""data\scripts\processEndTasks.sqf""; endMission ""END1""";

text="Marginal victory";
expCond="(BIS_captureCount >= ((count towns) / 2)) && BIS_timeUp";
expActiv="activatekey ""BIS_SP04""; BIS_handle = execVM ""data\scripts\processEndTasks.sqf""";

text="Maybe another day";
expCond="BIS_timeUp && (BIS_captureCount < ((count towns) / 2)) && !BIS_WF_EastBaseDestroyed";
expActiv="BIS_handle = execVM ""data\scripts\processEndTasks.sqf""";

expCond="BIS_WF_ResistanceBaseDestroyed || ((time > 2000) && (BIS_captureCountEast == (count towns)))";
expActiv="BIS_handle = execVM ""data\scripts\processEndTasks.sqf"""; 

The scenario will never terminate with other end conditions.

arma2oa_2012_01_04_20_59_10_454.jpg - Mission objective state with no mission end (600.9 kB) OMAC, 01/05/2012 04:44

mission.sqm - Edited mission.sqm with modified end condition (37.7 kB) OMAC, 01/08/2012 04:56

arma2oa_2012_01_23_09_46_07_756.jpg (650.9 kB) OMAC, 01/24/2012 05:29

arma2oa_2012_01_24_06_42_58_719.jpg - END1 condition screenshot (625.4 kB) OMAC, 01/24/2012 13:51

arma2oa_2012_01_24_21_05_13_054.jpg (526.9 kB) OMAC, 01/25/2012 04:17


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"Fixed. Always a pleasure working on other people's missions Anyway, FF now starts at 3AM, ends at 6. Briefing marker links are fixed too."

Updated by OMAC almost 5 years ago

GREAT. Thank you, Jezuro! :)

Updated by Dwarden almost 5 years ago

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marking as resolved

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Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

In 1.60 RC/A2 1.11, FF starts at 3am now, confirming Jezuro's fix. I have not had time yet to fight through this mission to check END conditions.

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Mass-closing resolved issues for 1.60.

Please re-open or, preferably, create a new ticket for (partially) unresolved issues.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

After playing through FF using A2 1.11 (mainly 1.60 OA patch + 87662 beta), FF still will not end. Screenshot attached of my situation. About 4 hrs of game time has elapsed, all objectives completed, but no mission end, no debriefing screen. Even the last recon task was completed by 7:25 am, but still no mission end. The mission should have ended at 6am or earlier.

It looks like either forceEnd isn't working, or the BIS_timeUp parameter isn't being calculated correctly (see Note 2 in the description at top).

I am looking at the sqf files for FF now, and will try and decipher what is going on.

As the current issue involves the mission end states, I figured I'd re-open this ticket rather than start a new one.

Updated by Hanzu over 4 years ago

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  • First affected ArmA II version set to 1.08.74450
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Cleaned up the ticket a bit and removed references to timelimit. OMAC edit description if needed when you have recovered from this repro marathon.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

Is the BIS_captureCount function in processEndTasks.sqf correct? Many of the end states depend on it.

//Check the capture progress
BIS_captureCount = {
//call (compile format ["%1SideID 256", _x]);
(_x getVariable "side") sideJoined;
} count towns;

BIS_captureCountEast = {
//call (compile format ["%1SideID 128", _x]);
(_x getVariable "side") east;
} count towns;

Updated by kju over 4 years ago

My advice:
Get the DevCon and complete the mission objectives with it quickly.
Probably it will work that way. Only with the said special conditions the mission still is not completable.

You can also monitor the variables with it easily.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

Ummm, okay......

How do I install and use DevCon? Instructions? No info in wiki that I could find.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

Yes, I downloaded the files from there yesterday. Little to no helpful info there, either. Thanks anyway.

Where do I put the DevCon pbo and bisigns to install it? ../ArmA 2/Addons ?

Updated by kju over 4 years ago

You know how to load addons, don't you?!? Otherwise read:


The BIF thread has a howTo (launch it) section.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

Never used A2 utilities before, so didn't know that they are installed as mods. The simple words, "Install using mod folder" would be very useful in the first post of the DevCon thread.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

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  • Description updated (diff)

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  • Description updated (diff)

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

  • File mission.sqm added

I have attached an edited mission.sqm in which I have slightly modified the end conditions. I looked at the stringtable.xml file in languagemissions.pbo, and tried to match up the end conditions with the debriefing text. The mission will not end at 6am unless the failure end condition (previously END4) is changed to END6. I also simplified the "Maybe another day" condition (previously END3 and END5) by removing all reference to destroying the east base and making it END3 only. All logic has remained the same as originally designed.

With the modified mission file, the mission should end at 6am no matter what, as expected. The debriefing screen will show, but debriefing text may only be displayed for the END1 condition.

I think that only the END1 condition worked before (A2 1.11 and earlier), as there is some mismatch between the mission.sqm and the stringtable with the debriefing text (and possibly other files as well?). The stringtable probably has to be modified to get the appropriate debriefing text to display for end conditions > 1.

In the stringtable file, the debriefing text is, for example,

<English>Eat that, Ivan!</English>

<English>Excellent work, our enemies took a beating before sunrise, just as we planned. Russians all over Chernarus will see the smoke from their burning base in Vybor. The area around Elektrozavodsk is ours and we have captured a great deal of Russian equipment, vehicles and weaponry.</English>

<English>Marginal victory</English>

<English>Good work, brothers! We have shown Ivan our homeland won't come as cheap as he thought. Several villages are now in our hands. We just need to prepare defenses that will protect Chernarusssian citizens from the Russian threat.</English>


What I don't understand is how, and from which file, the above text is called. There is no mention of these html text Keys in any file in the FF mission folder. If I knew that, I could fix up the appropriate files and supply them to CIT/BIS if desired. I figure the only way they are called is by the end condition number, such as END1, END2, etc.

There is also this in the stringtable:

<English>Brothers! We have triumphed! This is an historic dawn! Our great grandchildren will learn of this night at school!</English>
<English>Tonight we liberated our villages and crushed the enemy's stronghold. Our names will be remembered forever!</English>
<English>We failed miserably. I wonder why we even tried...</English>

I do not know how the above Mission end stuff is used. I have never seen any of those messages before. But I think that the 10 entries there are important somehow, and may be related to the present problem of the end condition/debgriefing text mismatch that my modified mission.sqm file may have fixed.

As I mentioned in the related forum thread, it looks to me that FF was originally intended to be something much greater than it turned out to be, perhaps even a full Harvest Red campaign mission.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

  • File deleted (mission.sqm)

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

The Mission_end container entries insinuate that ten endings for the mission were originally designed (0-9), and only 4 made it into the mission. Proper connections must be made between the END conditions in mission.sqm, the Mission_end container entries, and the debriefing text html keys.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

Added screenshot taken at 6:00:15 am, just after villages were liberated, with east base also destroyed. END1 should have occurred, or at least END2. Mission did not end.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

  • File arma2oa_2012_01_24_06_42_58_719.jpg added

Here is another shot with east base destroyed and villages liberated BEFORE 6am, which should have resulted in END1 total success condition, but did not. So even END1 condition will not end mission. Freedom Fighters is completely borked. Time for me to sign off.

It also seems strange and unexpected that the uncompleted clear checkpoint task failed (red x) even though game time was before 6am.

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

  • File deleted (arma2oa_2012_01_24_06_42_58_719.jpg)

Updated by OMAC over 4 years ago

Here's another shot with all main objectives completed before 6am. Still mission didn't end.

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