Bug #18455

- ArmA2 v1.09 Eotech Sight.

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Status:Assigned Start date:03/24/2011
Priority:Normal Due date:08/01/2011
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Affected ArmA II version:1.10.80665 First affected build:
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The Eotech sight shows a too solid white layer at any time of day (overall by day) that makes harder to see what's on the other sight, i think that is because the drawned hills on the horizon, but im not sure.

It uses anyways a too strong .rvmat on the glass, booth aiming down the sights as in 3Rd Person View.

Also... if you zoom out aiming down the sights, two red lines appear on over and below the Eotech's crossair, a sililar red line can be seen on the bottom part of the Eotech's glass when aiming down the sights.


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