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(Add difficulty option to) Disable auto lock of infantry launchers like Javelin or Stinger launcher.

Added by kju about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Instead one should have to RMB direct click lock the target (in the optics view).

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Updated by kotov about 6 years ago


Easy - auto lock
Middle - Right click
Hard - Probably easier to manual guide rocket same as AT rocket in OFP

To have square with target and while rocket flying you manual guide between different squire (Same A10 HUD 1.59)
Can be building or vehicle


Easy - auto lock
Middle/Hard - Right click

Updated by DarkWanderer about 6 years ago

I disagree.

On (most) MANPADs there is no screen to see which target is locked on. You just press the key to "warm up" the seeker, point the launcher to the target and keep it in sight until a steady lock is achieved. You don't need to "lock" anything by a key press.

Also, the only seeker that can lock on anything in the portable launchers is the missile one. Hence, you cannot "lock" anything before the missile is actually ready to fire.

So, the current implementation is fine, IMHO. Only thing that needs to be fixed is locking cone.

Updated by kju about 6 years ago

So you are saying you have target cursor in real version? Are you sure?

And are you sure it detects that aggressively any vehicle it is roughly pointed at? (45° or more off)
Even ground vehicles and certain structures? Really???

Updated by kotov about 6 years ago

I dont have any information in real life about stinger strela igla.

I only saw video on youtube where can be pointed to bunker or any building.
I assume that can be locked to any target which have different to surrounding area infrared picture.(wiki)

Wire guided where rocket fly to place you send it (like OFP non-locked AT rocket). ============
Game need to be have some compromise ideas and easier to do working same both system(IMHO).Because in real both system require crew 2 people.In game only 1 will be playable.
If in game will be required to use javelin or metis use 2 players you can do same as in real life :)

About stinger strela igla:

According my experience to kill chopper in real or damage with anything above you don't need to fire 6-8 rockets.In game now to kill chopper you need fire around 6 rockets(played yesterday).If we will change impact from aa rocket we can make fire with it a bit more complicated.But if you will make them complicated and leave damage like we have now they will be absolutely useless.

Updated by kju about 6 years ago


  1. my questions were to DarkWanderer
  2. this ticket is not about damage of Stinger/Strela
  3. why make them even more powerful in the game? (very aggressive auto locking + one person can operate them)

Updated by DarkWanderer about 6 years ago

to post #3:
1.No, I'm saying that there is no need to click to lock anything IRL. And there is no "Target cursor" in game either - when you play on Veteran and Expert.
2.No, and that's what I'm saying - fixing the lock cone is a task as well. But while there are bugs, the general mechanic is pretty much OK.

Fixing one unrealistic behaviour by adding another is not an option in this case, IMHO

Updated by Fireball almost 6 years ago

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Dupe of #16255 - spotted it just now by coincidence.

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