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IED's May Detonate If Severely Damaged

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ACE for OA 1.9 Update 2
Arma 2 OA 1.57.76815

Currently you can have 2 IED's placed next to each other and if one detonates the other still remains intact.


To increase realism: If an IED is damaged by a round or nearby explosion, there is a small chance that the IED will still exist but no longer function, and a greater chance that the IED will detonate randomly within a 2-minute 'soak period'.

Perhaps the more damaged the IED is, the more likely it is to detonate and the sooner it is likely to detonate.

Some impacts of this feature:

Non-EOD units may attempt to destroy IED's themselves, eg. C4 on IED for destruction in situ, destruction from a distance using .50 calibre, destruction by aerial-bombing. As with real-life, this will be more dangerous than proper disposal by engineers or EOD etc.

IED's may be more unstable and attempting to destroy IED's with improper care may cause death or injury of friendlies.

Opfor may use IED's as bait to lure unsuspecting Blufor.

Opfor placing IEDs may be killed by premature detonation if they are engaged at or next to the IED.

Thank you for your time.


"Then follows a two-minute "soak period" to make sure nothing further detonates."

"After explosives disruption, and/or the hook and line method has been utilized, a minimum soak-time of 2 minutes must be observed."

"The patrols out in town identified an IED and shot the snot out of it until it blew."

.50 cal destroys vehicle IED

Tank MG destroys IED

"The F-16 drops a 500-pound satellite-guided bomb. It falls onto one of the main roads into Fallujah - a street we will have to use during our advance ... The bomb set off almost twenty improved explosive devices just on that one road alone"
'House to House - David Bellavia, Page 49.

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Revision 46b73816
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~FIXED: Wrong type of explosion for M2/M4 SLAM, refs #18595
~ADDED: Ability to stack explosives (sort of daisy chain) and have them detonate with a single initial explosion, fixes #18359
~CHANGED: It's harder to detonate explosives with small caliber rounds, explosives might explode when fired upon with high caliber rounds more easily, fixes #18362
~CHANGED: Explosives react to nearby explosions, see "daisy chain" change


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Agreed with this, a good way to destroy IED's.

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Available in the about to be released ACE 1.9 Update 4.

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