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UAV/ULB Module fix

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Whenever you try to run these modules on a dedicated server it says that the UAV has been destroyed even though you hear it flying around. Also, it would be nice if it automatically resynchronized itself with a respawned player that it was originally attached to.


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Or give some item to player (notebook maby ;) - setVariable) to control UAV, after respawn if player have item(have variable "controledBy_%1,player_id"), script check this and return commanding, else exit...
Maby good with ACE ;)

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Wow, can't believe this is avoiding attention. Having this fixed would potentially change the way Coops or PvPs are played. To clarify I am fine with it being a low priority I just feel like this would be a quick fix. Maybe it isn't though. Modules aren't meant for there to be intense scripting surrounding it yet, that is the only way to get this to work. I am not even sure how LurchiDerLurch did it in this script: www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10136&highlight=AC130.

Maybe that is why wolffy.au unassigned himself this topic.

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Propose post this ticket on CIT! Its must be more powerfull!

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