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Switch from a member to another in your team

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Target version:Warfare BE 2.068
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A little idea for this excellent mod:

-Possibility to transfer from a member of our own squad to another. (but only our own squad of course)


-For release some AI of your squad which are stuck in forest, or others places when you are yourself far away from them.
-You can be more often at the frontline and there'll be less slack periods in game.
-To not only be the spirit of one soldier, but the spirit of an entire team.
-Another game experience! ;)

(My apologies in advance for my english, if I made some faults by chance)


Updated by quoestudio over 5 years ago

It is programed for 068 version.
I agree, it will be very useful.
Feature #17703 .........Respawn in own team.

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