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Units spawn in a corner of a map for a short time

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Units spawn in a corner of a map for a short time after death until respawn the base, the biggest problem occurs when the delay time is over a minute, then AI gets some time to strike on the other side of the map for a short time and do some significant damage. Sometimes HQ starting location is right where the ''temporal'' spawn location is. Thus it is possible to camp the location and never let the AI to respawn at the base. Remove the temporal respawn for AI.


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I need more details, which map, what's with camping? i can't make the unit magically disappear.

Updated by RE-EM over 6 years ago

This happens in every map. The problem is that when AI dies it respawns in the corner (for BLUFOR its the east northern corner of Takistan, for OPFOR its right below the southern airfield (also in Takistan) ) of the map, which lets AI do attacks (if respawn delay is quite long, like a min or something) until the actual respawn at the base. Another thing that can be done is camping of that location and killing the AI that respawns there, this way you won't let AI to respawn at all. The temporal respawn location should be moved as far as possible beyond the bounds of the map or removed completely.

Updated by Benny over 6 years ago

And what about islands with water? I'll try to store a variable to prevent ai from moving during a respawn.

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on chernarus the bluefor ai is spawning on that little island in south east.

In general it seem that these points are the default positions of the sides till the map/match and/or single units like the leader of ai (on start and if he is repsawning) fully loaded.
The problem itself seems to be a ressources issue of client and servers. Esp playing with mods/modcollections like ACE or A2WarMod and the fsp on server and on client are dropping (often the client get desync/lag problems then).

For reproduction I checked that on some slower servers. You will get this problem there everytime and you will be yourself on that spawnpoint for some seconds until the game fully loaded the match. This is the time between after reaching the map till the first high commander vote.

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