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Indicator showing TC's sight direction relative to hull and turret

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For better handling tank crews, it is necessary to show TC where the tank is heading relative to his view. When playing current ACE version, it often bothered me in the urban area when being a TC that wheather to foward, reverse,etc. So I think the indicator mentioned in the title is not something that trivial.

sorry for my poor english.

hullindicator.jpg (2.6 kB) daisycutter82, 05/27/2011 06:22

i.jpg (73.2 kB) q1184, 05/30/2011 02:29


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Updated by daisycutter82 about 6 years ago

Well, the indicator showing in the lower right corner of CITV's monitor should be nice.


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Updated by daisycutter82 about 6 years ago

Hi all, I'm here again to illustrate what I was thought. As is shown in the uploaded image, the red line indicate tank commander is observing hull's 12 o'clock, and gunner's cannon is aiming at 10 o'clock which can be recognized by ACE2's current hull indicator. I think it is a compromise between realism and in-game situation awareness for TC. Thought I've no idea about config, I think it is just a piece of cake for you ACE team to add a tiny element to the current indicator. Thanks in advance!

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Added, also added digital indicator of main gun direction. Both are only visible to commander.

Updated by daisycutter82 about 6 years ago

Wow, lovely! Thanks, dude!

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Should be available in the earlier released 1.11 RC1.

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