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High Command hold fire never fires

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This example contains two squads commanded by opposing sides of high command.
The high commanders both order them to hold fire (3-2 on keyboard via the high command menu). then order them to move to the same place. Neither squad fires at each other even though they are on top of to each other. Team Switch to Russian squad commander 1 and get his squad to hold fire by squad commander and they open fire on visible enemy units killing all visible without any return fire. The squad ordered to hold fire with the high command menu will not fire under any circumstance.
In the example all the squad and high commanders are team switch able and the civilian observers to watch what happens. Needed to use a large built up area so the squads can converge quickly. This occurs on 1.57 the and beta build 78413 and the latest release 9/3/2011 (assume it was not noticed on 1.58 released today).

Check_20Hold_20Fire_201.Chernarus.zip (2.1 kB) DomProgZ, 03/10/2011 01:19

Check_20hold_20fire_201.Zargabad.zip (2.4 kB) DomProgZ, 03/14/2011 22:51


Updated by DomProgZ over 6 years ago

This has a Zargabad example that loads quickly (uses team switch to switch between characters).
1. Set the Russian and US high commanded squads to hold fire using the high commanders (3-2 on keyboard via the high command menu).
2. Order the Russian and US high commanded squads to go to the Meeting Point marker.
3. The civilian observer Watcher of Stuff can be used to observe that neither squad fires at each other.
4. Switch to the US or Russian squad, select the squad members and order them to open fire.
5. Switch to Watcher of Stuff and observe that none of the other side fire.
Observations I have made:
1. Squads ordered to Hold Fire by high command are defenceless. However, it does allow squads to move more quickly in combat when ordered by the High Commander.
2. Hold fire will not always stop squads firing when ordered by a squad commander, which is more realistic.

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Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

So your request is, basically, to convert the HC "Hold Fire" from combat mode BLUE (never fire) to YELLOW (only return fire).

Updated by DomProgZ over 6 years ago

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It would probably be best to have combat mode BLUE (never fire) and YELLOW (only return fire) for more choice. The combat modes should probably mean the same thing at high and squad command levels.
Maybe there could be aggressive and defensive stances? There is also no Engage or Disengage at high command level, but there is a squad level.

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