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Sniper crates

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A wish has been uttered that OPFOR would get crates with sniper weapons/ammo.

My idea was to fit the weapons/ammo cache boxes with some more OPFOR material like the sniper weapons and NVG.


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Updated by Swedge over 6 years ago

I'm cool with occasional Opfor sniper rifle and NVGs.

If that gear goes in the ammo caches that Blufor is trying to destroy it's unlikely that Opfor will be able to find them in the dark to get to the NVGs :)

You could replace one of the eastInfClasses in Common / Defines.sqf with a sniper class.

Not sure how you'll add NVGs.

Updated by Mandrake over 6 years ago

Opfor needs nvgs for game-balancing reasons. To justify this, simply state in the briefing that Iran has been smuggling arms/equipment to support this insurgency in the hope of bogging NATO down in a costly campaign and increasing anti-western feelings in the region (sound familiar?).

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