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Better AI for aircraft

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This is to replace #17622 which has been in 'Feedback' for 2 weeks (I think I wasn't very clear on my suggestion).

With AI aircraft they plow forward right into danger, often getting shot down. As far as I’m aware, over flying a hotly defended target area is a no-no when you have stand-off weapons. But yet that’s exactly what the AI aircraft do. At the moment the aircraft AI appear to be really dumb when compared to the ground forces AI.

Rework the aircraft AI including a better way for AI aircraft to use their stand-off weapon capabilities. i.e. AH-64’s hiding within the terrain and hovering, taking out tanks with their Hellfires from some distance away, etc.

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Updated by Franklin about 6 years ago

One of the simplest things related to this, would be allowing AI pilots to slow down helicopters, without causing them to fly 500m up in the air before they start lowering the rotor speed.

Updated by GadgetUK about 6 years ago

I agree that the AI aircraft shooting high up in the sky to slow down is a major flaw, but I don't think it would cure the issue I raised.

Updated by Fireball about 6 years ago

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