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Stamina Improvements

Added by BushTucka over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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The current stamina system is good but could be better: Increase SF stanima even more. Slightly increase infantry stamina as well, in basic training you run for miles with webbing and gear. Second of all, units with additional equipment and weight (people with backpacks) should not only get tired faster, but also run slightly slower. I don't know how many of you have pushed yourselves to the absolute limit during a run with webbing or weights attached (even on an easy smooth treadmill) but the additional weight not only makes you more tired but slows you down considerably. If a speed penalty could be trialled in a seperate module first, the community may find this more realistic than just units with more weight getting tired faster, because truth be told, when you run with additional weight, it's the pain that forces you to stop much earlier than normal, and in arma you get tired much too early even with additional weight.


Updated by Trips about 6 years ago

In basic training you are supposed to run how far with how much on? Numbers are important here.

Also slower characters isn't possible with the engine IIRC.

Updated by BushTucka about 6 years ago

Webbing is usually the most a unit will wear (along with ammunition and equipment etc) although in combat drills and some obstacle courses body armour is worn as well. Sorry for not going into enough detail and i understand slower characters cannot be implemented now. Just a slight increase to every units stamina would be cool, so you don't black out all the time :D

Updated by Rommel about 6 years ago

Special forces don't run for miles with heavy loads, they may do a light jog. Which we have catered for; the primary problem being, there is no jog in ArmA2, only run and sprint.

Updated by Militantsausage about 6 years ago

yes exactly, in arma you "jog" at 22 km/h, which is very fast for someone laden with gear, maybe ACE could slow down the animation slightly for jogging to like 16 km/h, which is still fast.

Updated by Sickboy about 6 years ago

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Updated by BushTucka about 6 years ago

yes making the jog about 16 km/p instead of 20 and also making the jog much less tiering would be a good idea.

Updated by BushTucka about 6 years ago

and make all African-american soldiers sprint at 30km/h xD Only joking:D

Updated by BushTucka about 6 years ago

in all seriousness, crouch running should be slowed to about 13 km/h though.

Updated by Marcusaaf about 6 years ago

Is it really necessary to slow down the jogging speed :S
I find that abit overkill in my opinion

Updated by rye about 6 years ago

Same, no problems with it - especially for cqb or it would be way too slow. If you do slow it, then a slower speed would mean increased precision.

Updated by BushTucka about 6 years ago

vote up for less speed vote down for same. I personally see how both are good, but it would be pointless having to make a new key combo to jog and run seperatly.... For now im gunna say keep it the same BUT if the community likes the idea maybe it could be changed. Is there a way (code) that will allow us to test for ourselves?

Updated by Franklin about 6 years ago

if you want slower running speed, download and install TrueMods. One of the features in there is slower run/jog speed, but faster walk speed. Its ace compatible, and clientside.

Updated by rocko about 6 years ago

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