Bug #17876

Warfare - after 2-3h unable to buy weapon, ammo or new units

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After 2-3h in a Multiplayer/Warfare game in Takistan/3 sides/24 teams I was no longer able to buy ammunition or weapons or to buy new units.
The other (AI) teams of my side were also not able to buy new units (no reinforcements possible).
However the opposing force units were still producing new units.

In a city center: no local menue "Buy units" or "Buy weapons". At external city post: There is still the "construction" menu, but no "Buy weapons"
In my own headquarter: no "Buy unit" or "Buy weapons" menu, only "construction. There are also no icons on the right side of the window - displaying the HQ buildings.

At the beginning it was working. Stpped working with the 17th(?) city.
Only change from default warefare mission: Number of cities 20, defence range 1+ of normal. Warfare: just one human player, everything else AI.
Suspend mission and resume did not help.
First time seen with ARMA2_OA_Build_78413.

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related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #4655: MP game gets reset while playing Feedback 09/19/2009


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Updated by kotov over 6 years ago

1.this happens is only in warfare maps.
2.when you reconnect and sometimes change slots you can buy again.
3.when I upgraded my pc I almost never see it -> it is relayed to performance issues in warfare maps only.

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Sounds a bit like the "server reinit bug" (#4655), but also happens on host as it seems. If it was the same origin, it could even happen after 2 minutes theoretically.

Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

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Well I think it's all we can on feedback get for this bug. It's potentially something deep within the engine and thus possibly related to the server reinit bug.

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