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ArmA 2 and OA.

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hi, I have ArmA 2 the original game and ArmA 2: OA the expansion pack. is there any way I can combine these two? basically, all game servers are Combined Ops meaning I can't play :(


Updated by rocko over 6 years ago

Installing OA into A2 folder worked for me.

Updated by Sandiford over 6 years ago

if non steam install OA to A2 (or even A2 to OA), otherwise:
makes a symlink. read instructions, make sure to run as admin on vista/7

more info here:

Updated by Sickboy over 6 years ago

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Sorry but your question belongs on the BI Forums, or

Updated by Thrill over 6 years ago

rocko wrote:

Installing OA into A2 folder worked for me.

Which did you run to play then, ArmA 2 or OA? thanks

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