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Implement zeroing for M203s

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You cannot adjust zeroing for M203s. This needs to be fixed, it would make it hundred times easier to fire the grenade launcher!

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duplicates ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Feature #15184: Range adjustment for handheld grenade launchers Assigned 11/16/2010


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Bug or feature request? Personally I think the OA zeroing implementation would look horrible for low velocity grenade launchers because it changes the trajectory (and very noticibly leaves the barrel at the wrong angle), not the sights. It'd be nice if the sights on the model could be adjusted instead (even just moving the eye position).

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IMO a feature request.

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Definitely a feature request. Americas Army 3 shows how it's done (they didn't do many things right, but the few weapons they simulate are done right).

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Dup of #15184

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