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More shells types for ACE artillery system

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We already have 4 types of shells, but what about laser guided shells and SADARMs ? They are already in vanilla artillery system, so they shouldn't be hard to do.

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Updated by Huggy over 6 years ago

SADARMS are tested as i saw it on youtube

Laser guided i dunno

Updated by stk over 6 years ago

I just cant wait till the new artillery system is implemented on all artillery pieces.

Is there a ticket going so I can watch the progress of the new system?.

Updated by Nou about 6 years ago

None of these will be implemented for the M119 as they do not exist for the 105mm caliber. SADARM and Copperhead are 155mm rounds. Them being in vanilla is incredibly unrealistic.

Yes I have a BONUS/SADARM type round in development, but right now its just for fun. Till we get a 155mm howitzer in these rounds will not be for this system.

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Updated by Huggy about 6 years ago

sounds fair enough thanks for the info

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