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manual disabling of aircraft auto flare required

Added by silvercanary over 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Aircraft when targetted by AA systems use autoflares regardless of distance from the threat and in many cases expend all rounds in a matter of seconds rendering your aircraft defenseless but with full payload.

Please add a key function such as "Left Control + R" to enable / disable auto flares while leaving the "R" for manual flare use.

They are useful at times and crazily annoying at others! Ideally if auto flare only worked when a missile is incoming that would be more helpful also but for now mapping an enable / disable function is all that is needed.

I will add a demo mission unless someone adds one first to demonstrate the autoflares. It has definately happened in chernarus. I am struggling to repro this any suggestions would be welcome.

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Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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Are you speaking of AI or human player controlled ones?

From what I know for players, use the "countermeasures 2" key action
to switch between auto and manual (not available for all planes).

Updated by silvercanary over 6 years ago

Using the countermeasures 2 key action (I think you mean L ctrl + R) only cycles through my 2 available flare fire modes. Burst and semi, there is no auto flare setting to enable / disable. I have no idea if this happens with AI controlled planes or not but it happens in player controlled planes with / without AI gunner.

I have tried for a little while to repro this but i am having difficulty but the planes definately do auto dispense flares at a rate of around 5/second while they are being tracked by AA defenses so they don't last very long at all but strangely once they are empty the plane STILL makes the flare sound but no flares are dispensed. A that point i usually die or land to reload the flares!

I don't know if this is a mod ZEROG put into the xrip map pack or something or whether this is a BIS feature?

Is the L shift + R keystroke available to operate this?

Updated by silvercanary over 6 years ago


Flare setting was single and i pressed flares about 20 times the rest were fired by a script and after my flares run out the sound keeps going even though no flares are released.

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Updated by Lazyman over 6 years ago

It looks like you were playing Warfare.
Maybe the automatic flares where enabled by an upgrade you researched?
If so it would be a mission issue.

Updated by silvercanary over 6 years ago

Yes lazyman it was a warfare game. As commander i don't upgrade flares (if its even possible) as I have been told they are bugged somehow. I guessed they are from earlier versions of warfare when aircraft didn't have flares to begin with without upgrades. IMO they are pointless given their current functionality and if they are on by default a parameter to disable them would be great as they fire even when no missiles show on the radar but when some AA defense is tracking them that has no hope of hitting the aircraft due to the distance away from the defense.

I think some tweaking needs to be done to the incoming missile radar and autoflare systems (I will make a new ticket for this at some point).

Can this tickert be changed to a warfare feature to add a parameter to disabe aircraft autoflares pls (if this is the problem).

@kju If i knew how to make a proper mission i would have done that ty for ur effort ;)

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