Bug #17756

"Join" command fails if used soon after mission start on dedi server.

Added by Tankbuster over 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Very odd one this.

On a dedicated server, the join command doesn't work reliably. It started out as a bug fixing a broken Domination side mission, but I distilled it down to a test mission, which I've attached.

The test mission is a BLUFOR guy names player_dude on his own. Next to him is a BLUFOR group, whose leader is called ai_dude. Alpha radio trigger on activation is [ai_dude] join player_dude.

Now, if you do the radio trigger immediately after the mission, ai_dude doesn't join the group. In actual fact, squad icons appear on the player screen for an instant, then disappear

If you wait 10 secs after the mission starts, then do the radio trigger, ai_dude joins player_dudes group.

Server needs to be properly shut down and restarted between tries to observe this behaviour.

Behaviour is ONLY observed on dedicated servers. If you run it locally, ai_dude joins group reliably, every time.

jointest.Desert_E.pbo (4.1 kB) Tankbuster, 02/20/2011 00:21


Updated by shuko over 6 years ago

For me, it works each time when hitting the trigger as fast as I can.

Updated by Tankbuster over 6 years ago

Youtube vid. You can clearly see the squad icons momentarily appear.


Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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Works fine with latest beta on DS here.

What version did you use?

Either this is a non issue or your repro does not work out.

Updated by Tankbuster over 6 years ago

157 on both server and client

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

Retest with latest beta on both server and client please.

Updated by Tankbuster over 6 years ago

Not done it on beta yet, as I haven't managed to get the beta installed on the server yet - my server monkey is absent. :)

Meantime, I have had another user successfully repro this.

It's important to do the steps properly.

1. Shut down server.
2. Start server.
3. Load mission and start mission.
4. Issue radio 11a immediately and they join and quit group instantly.
5. Shut down server.
6. Start server.
7. Load and start mission.
8. Wait 10 sec then radio 11a. They'll join and stay in group.

Updated by Tankbuster over 6 years ago

See new YT vid for a better look.


Updated by Tankbuster over 6 years ago

Kju, I'm gonna wait until the new patch, which I expect within days. Rather than try with beta, would you be happy if I waited and tried with new stable?

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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Ty. Sure that's fine.

It'd be important to see if others can repro it.
If so, to find out what's the difference for those who cannot.

Updated by Tankbuster over 6 years ago

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Just tried it on new 1.59.

Still showing same problems.

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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can someone try to repro it too?

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