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Dynamic Probability/Condition of Presence

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Can you make it so the two unit settings 'Probability of Presence' and 'Condition of Presence' are dynamic and can be addressed (and with single line script) to change at any time during the missions whilst it runs. I may be wrong, but currently they are only examined when the mission initialises and there is no way to change their settings successfully during the mission. This change would be good for the following reasons:
1/ We could place spawning units on the map within the editor and assign their groups, set way points, attach modules, unique weapons, etc within an easier interface. Just set their presence to zero (or a condition of presence) and then later with simple one line scripts or triggers, change their presence/condition and then they become present/active and carry out their mission.

2/ It would reduce the need for long-winded scripting to carry out a fairly simple task via the editor.

I am not suggesting removing the ability to spawn units via scripting for the scripting gurus out there. I'd just like to see a reduction on the necessity of big scripts for something that can be done easier in another way.

One idea for the above, you could make it that a unit can be re-initialised during the mission. That way the conditions & probability of presence could be re-examined to achieve the same goal.



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Sorry your suggestion is very hard to understand. Please try to rephrase it to short,
simple and clear sentences.

Also it contradicts saying you want less scripting, yet still it requires scripting,
if I understand it right.

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I agree, I did get a bit confusing with my 'scripting' terminology.

I’m hoping the bit about making the 'Probability of Presence' and 'Condition of Presence' adjustable dynamically during the mission was not confusing. This is the crux of the matter for my request.

My understanding is, there are two means of scripting with ARMA2:
A) With scripting documents within the mission folder.
B) With single lines of scripting code within the 'On Act' & 'On Dea' boxes within triggers; and 'On Act' boxes within waypoints, etc.

I may be wrong (as I'm still finding my way through the mission editor), but the only way to spawn new units with associated waypoints/modules/unique weapons within the mission is to use scripted documents within the mission folder.

I would like to see an alternative method where the units I would like to spawn I can place, along with any unique settings/waypoints within the 2D editor. They would essentially sit waiting to spawn with their Probability of Presence settings set to zero. Then the 'On Act' line code boxes of other unit's triggers/waypoints could be used to set these sleeping unit's presence to 100% and kick them into life when certain conditions are met.

All this set off with the normal single line scripting code within those little boxes on the triggers or waypoints and without the need for scripted documents within the mission folders.

My idea on how this could work:
1/ Tank named AAA is going along the map on its waypoints.
2/ APC named BBB is setup in the 2D editor with a series of waypoints and a squad of infantry troops set to its cargo; both the APC and the squad of troops have their presence set to zero.
3/ There is a trigger set on the map with its 'Condition' for !(alive AAA) . The trigger's 'On Act' line would have code to set the APC and infantry squad’s presence to 100% and then to re-initialise those units.
4/ If the trigger is tripped, the APC and infantry units would initialise/spawn then carry out their assigned tasks.

The possibilities for the users are endless and without a single use of a scripted document, and with minimal coding/scripting by the user within the 2D editor dialogue boxes.

Hope this makes sense. If not I will create a small mission of what I mean for you.

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This request can be closed as it has been superseded by a new request. Thanks

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