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Some issues with the Arty Ammo upgrades.

Added by Trauma over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I've had a look at the new Arty Ammo upgrades and was pretty surprised to see just how expensive it is. In order to reach Arty Ammo 3/3 you have to upgrade;

Heavy Factory 1 - 3600S  - $4000  - 320sec
Arty Reload 1   - 1200S  - $2950  - 220sec
Arty Reload 2   - 1800S  - $4400  - 260sec
Arty Reload 3   - 3000S  - $7500  - 320sec
Arty Ammo 1     - 2400S  - $4550  - 250sec
Arty Ammo 2     - 3500S  - $8500  - 320sec
Arty Ammo 3     - 6200S  - $12000 - 450sec
Total           - 21700S - $43900 - 2140sec (a bit over 35min)

Knowing this I simply ignore it as Com.

This gives your team HF1 vehicles, 150sec arty reload time and Smoke/Illum at Arty Ammo 1, WP at Arty Ammo 2 & SADARM/Laser HE at Arty Ammo 3.

Only the WP and Illum apply to the mortar. MLRS/GRAD and the Stryker MC gain nothing, I can understand why this may be the case, balance/realism etc. but still limits it's usefulness.

Also pre-existing arty pieces are not affected by the Arty Ammo upgrades.

I suggest first of all removing the Arty reload pre-requisite from Arty Ammo and reducing it from three to two upgrades (eliminating the cost of arty ammo 3 also) and moving WP to upgrade 2.

This would make the upgrade line for max Arty Ammo look like;

Heavy Factory 1 - 3600S  - $4000  - 320sec
Arty Ammo 1     - 2400S  - $4550  - 250sec
Arty Ammo 2     - 3500S  - $8500  - 320sec
Total           - 9500S  - $17050 - 890sec (a bit under 15min)

Of course you would want to augment this with Arty Reload.


Updated by Trauma over 6 years ago

Also my single test of Laser HE showed that it missed by about 1km. They all landed on the exact same spot though... just not the laser lol.

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