Bug #17462

Helicopters wobbling nose up and down in autohover

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Place any chopper in the editor, set yourself as driver, go in Auto-Hover mode.
All choppers are wobbling their nose up and down in autohover.

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duplicates ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #4478: Choppers pitch back and forth during autohover mode - imp... Closed 09/12/2009 12/01/2011


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Dup of #4478.

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Updated by Scarecrow over 6 years ago

I wish that this would be fixed and maybe added some more realism to it, like for example, in real life you can only engage autohover if your allready hovering speed below 2 knots, approx and then if stick is being pulled autohover turns itself off, so basicly turning on autohover from flying 200 km/h is highly unrealistic in real life.

Updated by silvercanary over 6 years ago

The kamov doesn't do it, kamov black or regular ka52 many if not all of others do though.

Updated by silvercanary about 6 years ago

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Still present after patch 1.59 and +1 to the realism suggestion Scarecrow.

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