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OPFOR win condition(s)

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Let's face it, unless BLUFOR are all losers who you pursue until rage-quit, OPFOR never win.

It would be cool to create specific tasks for OPFOR so that we can at least win a battle or two, even if we lose the war.

Sample objectives, which would apply at random to a given cache area:

  • destroy n BLUFOR vehicles
  • wound n% of BLUFOR
  • kill n% of BLUFOR
  • wound or kill n% of BLUFOR using IED
  • infiltrate BLUFOR HQ (pending changes to teleport)
The rewards for achieving the objective could be:
  • cache relocates to another village (perhaps via BMP or supply truck for realism). BLUFOR learn of this via captured intel as usual, therefore no immediate map update for BLUFOR.
  • BLUFOR respawn timeout increases until no BLUFOR detected in x radius of cache for y minutes
  • BLUFOR vehicles (other than ATV) stop respawning for same timeout
  • OPFOR reinforcements arrive, gunships, mech inf, heavy armor, or all OPFOR gain EXPERT skill level within area.
  • OPFOR human can call CAS (playable hind)


Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

Yes, good idea. First things first though (other maps, ACE).

Updated by Swedge over 6 years ago

I'd also be happy with, "OPFOR WINS" and mission-end if sample objective is met. Even if the objective is a relatively far more difficult than Blufor cache-destruction win.

Updated by Mandrake over 6 years ago

You could add a time limit for Blufor to clear certain sectors, if they fail, OPFOR 'wins' that sector...

Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

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Mandrake, good start, but it's too generic.

What I could do, is to make BLUFOR lives limit (e.g. 50) a default. This way if OPFOR killed them many times enough, BLUFOR would lose. Maybe an interesting factor would be that BLUFOR would only lose that life of a human OPFOR player killed them - OTOH with the First Aid system that would mostly go unaccounted for.

More ideas welcome.

Updated by Mandrake over 6 years ago

Fireball, the limited lives idea sounds great, would really add pressure to Blufor. But not sure about them only losing lives when killed by human player, as this would encourage very gung-ho tactics. (Maybe they lose 2 lives when killed by human OPFOR?). I like it though.

Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

How about implementing a lives multiplier which goes like this:

Lives Multiplier *
Number of Caches

Now the question would be, should the player number taken dynamically into account?

Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

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A me and a friend had the idea, that

- you have a global pool of BLUFOR tickets (lives)
- per player and some time interval (say 30 min) of individual play time, at least one life (potentially affected by the multiplier above) would be awarded into the pool, to compensate for the varying number of players

BUT only
- when they kill at least N enemies (let's say two) within that time interval too to avoid placing someone in a corner of the map or at the base where no AI or human enemy would/could look for him

What about that?

Updated by nkenny almost 6 years ago

I like a combination of your last two suggestions fireball.

Two Settings. Multiplier (default x10) and Number of caches (as now) determine the starting 'tickets' for blueforce. If the tickets run out, opfor wins. Every time blueforce successfully demolishes a cache their tickets pool is increased by the multipler*


*Or potentially a third setting.

Updated by Kol9yN almost 6 years ago

Agree, OFPOR must have win conditions!
My points:
  1. Blufor = (50,75,100,150);
    - Kill # soldiers in cache radius
    - Kill # soldiers with grenade, or IED
    - Destroy # vehicles with soldiers inside
    - Destroy # Heli's with RPG
    Etc... Some like this ;)

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Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

- Try make some system

Updated by Kol9yN over 5 years ago

Any more proposes?!

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