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Change number of Blufor units required to clear a square, from 2 to 1

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Insurgency is currently coded so that it takes 2 Blufor units to enter a red square on foot to clear it and turn it green.

One of the biggest problems with Insurgency servers that are unpopulated by players, is getting that initial momentum of players connecting.

There currently isn't a huge deal of incentive for 1 person to connect to an empty server, since they can find the occasional briefcase if they're lucky, but they're unable to change squares to green on their own but to clear on their own.

This setting was presumably added to increase teamwork. I would argue that when the server becomes fairly populated, most players may work as a team anyway, clearing squares together, because otherwise they're going to be without protection and get shot.

It's also unrealistic in that, in real life, there's no magical law of physics that prevents 1 person from clearing a building or grid-square :) Although it's clearly frowned upon in military SOP's and field manuals etc, if there's only 1 player on the server (or in real life) they may have no choice.

Giving more units the ability to clear grid-squares themselves may also increase the pace of the game and ultimately the rate that caches are sought and destroyed.


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For some reason it IS a coop mission. Even though if you are playing alone, you can get intel and find the cache to blow it up.

I might make it an option (clearing requirement 1 or 2 players), so you can play it as a "single player" mission, but more feedback on that idea appreciated.

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I now made it a mission param, letting you to select between 1, 2 or 3 players needed to clear a square, but still defaulting it to 2.

For those who want to a different default, they can specify this also in their server config.

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Cool. Thanks Fireball.

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