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MON-50/claymore are lethal in rear aspect

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MON-50 and claymore mines have a lethal fragmentation effect in the rear aspect, making them useless for their intended effect. This issue has been in ACE for months, just decided to make a ticket now though.

I believe the same applies to the M2 SLAM although i'm too lazy to confirm.

The claymore does have a rear aspect danger area, but it's only 6 meters. There is a secondary hazard up to 16 meters, but laying prone averts this hazard. There is a negligible hazard up to 42 meters, but according to FM 23-23, this hazard can be avoided simply by closing your eyes when the mine is detonated - which of course we shouldn't model in ARMA.

The problem now is that the claymore is quite lethal to rear aspect, and at a much farther range than it should be.



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Front towards enemy.

Updated by tyrspawn over 6 years ago

Oh and it would be best if the rear aspect effect were projectiles, just like the front aspect effect. It seems like right now its an explosion. This is problematic because right now its just as dangerous to use a claymore in a forest as it is in the desert.

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Fixed in todays update

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