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Cluster weapons

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I have a quick look through the list and I couldn’t see this suggestion before:

I’d like to see sub-munitions build into artillery pieces. i.e. Part of the weapon options would be a cluster or mine type shell. But more importantly, I’d like to see a MLRS rocket with a cluster effect option.

When I say built-in, I mean me not having to add scripts or lots of code to make it work. I’m totally shocked with this game how much coding and tweaking the users’ are expected to do to get things working (not the ACE team’s fault I know).


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Updated by jaynus almost 6 years ago

This is currently implemented in the new artillery system with DPICM munitions.

We haven't discussed MLRS implementations of anything yet.

Updated by Nou almost 6 years ago

We have the 105mm DPICM round, the M916. I might also implement the older ICM rounds as well (they dont have as good effect on armor as the DP rounds do).

When we get a 155mm piece I'd like to add FASCAM rounds as well.

MLRS is something I am holding off on for now. The normal round on that has 644 bomblets. Unless we can spawn those locally, which is impossible now for ammo type objects, then it is not realistic to implement (it will either not be as effective, or it will cause massive lag and desync spawning thousands and thousands of grenades during a fire mission).

That being said, any MLRS rounds are moot till I get a new MLRS model. :)

Of course all of these would be easy for the user to use. Right now for DPICM you just need to make sure you set the fuze time correctly when prepping the round and it should work with very good effect on target.

See this video (but don't do as they do): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6HW3XpW2MY

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Updated by GadgetUK almost 6 years ago

I've looked at the ACE online manual and the artillery section is full of 'WIP' comments. Can I have a clue on how to achieve the DPICM effect please?


Updated by Nou almost 6 years ago

Add an ACE Arty M119, add a ACE Arty ammo box of the M916 rounds, add a Battery Computer HMMV.

Start mission.

Go to Battery Computer HMMV and get in, use the Battery computer. Enter in the battery information, the grid, altitude and initial direction of fire. Click on the open map button in the bottom right. Find a target grid. Close your map.

Click Grid on the BCS screen. Enter the grid and the altitude of the grid on the next screen. Select DPICM as the round type. Enter a round count. Press the FFE/Adjust button and it will compute your solutions. On the next screen take note of the solutions, including the fuze time (write it down on a piece of paper, thats usually a good step if you are doing this by yourself).

Get out of the BCS and the HMMV and go to the ammo crate. Use the ACE interact key while looking at the ammo crate. Choose prep rounds. Choose the DPICM round, set the charge to the charge indicated in the BCS solution. Set the fuze time to the time indicated in the BCS solution. Click prep round.

Turn around when its done and there is a prepped round. Click ACE interact button it again. This time pick up the round. You are now carrying the round. Carry the round to the gun.

ACE Interact on the gun and load the gun with the round.

Get in the gun.

Open the sight unit and enter in the values from the BCS for deflection and elevation (quadrant) using the top row of buttons (deflection left two, elevation right two). Now using your arrow keys adjust the gun so that the aiming stakes that are now out of view (or that have moved off of the center line) are no re-aligned (Google compensated sight picture for how they should look if your deflection leaves too much of a parallax effect). Elevate the gun using the up/down arrow keys (down is up, up is down, like flight controls) till the bubble level (that little |----|o|----| thing) is centered again with the "o" (the bubble) between the two center lines.

Holding shift, or ctrl-shift while doing these operations will help speed up the process.

Once the gun is aligned on the correct deflection and elevation then you can fire the gun.

Teleport or have someone at the target zone and observe good effect on target. If everything is right the DPICM round should burst about 50m above the ground and 42 M80 submunitons should rain down and mess stuff up good. :)

Updated by GadgetUK almost 6 years ago

That looks great and super realistic.

So now how do I get my AI gunners to fire DPICM shells when I call a fire mission? Is there a shell-type number code assigned to it that I can call within the scripting?

Updated by Nou almost 6 years ago

GadgetUK wrote:

That looks great and super realistic.

So now how do I get my AI gunners to fire DPICM shells when I call a fire mission? Is there a shell-type number code assigned to it that I can call within the scripting?

AI is not supported for now, there are certain engine limitations that need to be worked around.


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Rocko says: Status Nou?

Updated by Nou over 4 years ago

I am not even sure what is being asked here? We have DPICM for the M119 and we have cluster bombs... so I guess this is closable?

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