Bug #17211

Possible Memory CTD Bug

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Target version:MSO v3.31
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Jazza and Telgriff keep having extreme problems with a common CTD. They keep getting an error message about memory even though they basically have the same set-up as me and I've never got the problem.

They have updated all their drivers, disk check, defrag, page file increase - you name it they've done it.

But the persistent error keeps happening around 5 minutes into game. They have both got the beta to try and installed it, same problem - the problem happened before the beta too.

Attached both RPT's. I know it isn't much of an MSO issue but this is the only mission they get it on so rapidly, about 10 crashes a night at least.

Crashes have been getting worse the longer the MSO has gone on for.

Arma2OAjaz.RPT (2.2 MB) rye, 02/01/2011 09:06

arma2OAtelgriff.RPT (2.2 MB) rye, 02/01/2011 09:06


Updated by Swordsman about 4 years ago

Had 3x AEF members suffering the same issues with v3.3 (current release) while playing AAW/ACE version on the AAF server.

It appeared to effect them all simultaneously - e.g. they wouldn't crash out on their own, they'd all get the error at the same time and crash out.

Updated by rye about 4 years ago

Seems like it is always with the AAW/ACE version.

Updated by rye about 4 years ago

Out of memory (requested 1117004 KB).
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- [506th PIR] Sleep

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Fixed in v3.31

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