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Target version:Future
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paramDefenseCollide allow build defences inside stones, homes, buildings and other large objects without checking.
player can build defense in some building near town depot, command own AI soldier - sitting to this defense. Such town enemy side never cant capture.

                    _skipFlat = false;
                    if !(paramDefenseCollide) then {
                        if !(_itemcategory == 0) then {_skipFlat = true};
                        if (surfaceIsWater(position _preview)) then {_color = _colorRed};
                        if (_color != _colorRed) then {
                            //--- Prevent Wall'in.
                            if (count((position _preview) nearEntities [['Man','Car','Motorcycle','Tank','Air','Ship'],10]) > 0) then {_color = _colorRed};


Updated by Bomba1 over 6 years ago

affected to 2.0.67

Updated by Benny over 6 years ago

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It's meant to be like that, disable it in the meantime if you don't like it. i'll add a little security to prevent stacknig near depot's range, that's all.

Updated by Bomba1 over 6 years ago

I think be better check is really position empty, for all construction objects.

try this, it really worked :-)

i see this func in new 2.0.67 but it never used. i some extend this func earlier, for check with stone collision in takistan (stones not returned by function nearObjects :( )

Updated by Trauma over 6 years ago

People have also taken to building solid blocks from walls inside and around factories making them very hard to take out and also looking ridiculous. The param is great for defenses but so easy to exploit.


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  • Target version changed from Warfare BE 2.068 to Warfare BE 2.069
  • I am using some Mods set to No
  • Reproducible for you set to No

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is to be reworked

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