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function canSee flawed

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Target version:0.74
Affected Version:0.72 GPU VRAM size:
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Function canSee does not work correctly with certain bearings of the player.

When getDirTo is:

#define getDirTo(X,Y)       (((if(typeName Y == "OBJECT")then{getPosATL Y}else{Y} select 0) - (getPosATL X select 0)) atan2 ((if(typeName Y == "OBJECT")then{getPosATL Y}else{Y} select 1) - (getPosATL X select 1))) 

And canSee is:

// canSee; returns true if a _unit looks at the _obj within a certain _arc (field of view) in degrees
canSee = {
    private ["_unit","_obj","_dirTo","_uDir","_vcl","_arc"];
    _unit  = _this select 0;
    _obj   = _this select 1;
    _arc   = _this select 2;

    _dirTo = abs(getDirTo(_unit,_obj)); // vector from _unit to _obj
    _uDir  = getDir (vehicle _unit); // heading of _unit
    if (vehicle _unit != _unit) then {
        // if it's a vehicle and _unit is in a turret we take the heading of that turret
        _vcl = vehicle _unit;
        if (_vcl turretUnit [0] == _unit) then {
            _uDir = _vcl weaponDirection (_vcl weaponsTurret [0] select 0);
            _uDir = (_uDir select 0) atan2 (_uDir select 1);
    if (abs(_dirTo - _uDir) > 180) then { _dirTo = -1*(360 - _dirTo); };
    abs(_dirTo - _uDir) <= _arc

#define canSee(X,Y,Z) ([X,Y,Z] call canSee)


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Testing with gaia's console and two units led to the insight that not _dirTo needs correction but _uDir, since _uDir will be > 180 depending on the heading of _unit. Fix applied.

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