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Improvements to Falanga,Ataka and Shturm missiles

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Hey guys,I know these missiles weren't the most precies ones but that is true about the old soviet ones.Right now in the game they are useless.They act more like unguided missiles and this has impact on the gameplay.I have problems hitting anything with them and I'm talking about stationary targets,the AI Hinds barely uses them(probabily AI knows they're crap;) ) and when they do they miss 99,99% of the time with full AI skill.This makes the Hinds impaired and not able to use their full arsenal:
1.Most of the time they will use their unguided missiles,this is very dangerous for the Hind because the pilots could be killed very easy since AI descend very low to engage the targets,not to mention descending too low could hit trees or buildings.
2.Kinda weird to see the AI actually hit 70-80% of the time with their unguided missiles,but when finally decide to use the guided ones failling to hit a single target with all 4 of them.
3.No difference between MI-24 and an MI-17 with rocket pods because right now they do the same thing.An Hind is a gunship first and transport second.

What could be done:
Since I believe by now it's an engine limitation to make the AI flying attack choppers stay at a safe distance and engage at least substantially improve the hit ratio with these missiles especially since the Hinds in the game has only 4 of them.
Make the AI pilots to prefer using them first and the unguided ones second against vehicles or armor(like the Ka-52,Apache and Cobra pilots do).This could avoid Hind pilots getting killed or getting splattered in trees so easily when descending with the unguided ones.

This happens in 1.57 and in the latest beta 77159.

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Dup of #11850. Also related to #14454 and #11088.

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