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AGM114K laser target lock indicator

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While AGM114K missile is selected and someone outside of the apache is lasing a target with a SOFLAM, the target location will show on the radar as a normal red square but nothing will show on the HUD to indicate its location and you can't even know if you've locked the target correctly until you actually fire and see the missile impact.

Isn't there supposed to be some sort of an indicator on the HUD to indicate the laser target location? and whether you have locked it or not?


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Speaking without knowing how it works in real world: Well for the LOBL mode may have some kind of notification(would be nice to see it implemented ^^). But for LOAL i doubt that there is any kind of notification, because you can even shoot without been any laser active, and start lasing the target while it's on the air and it will adquire that target, thats why its called LOAL (Lock-On After Launch)

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maybe true, but shouldn't it detect lasers and notify the gunner that 'there is a laser target present' via HUD anyways(LOBL or LOAL) if its in line of sight with the gunners optics?

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LOBL always locks onto your own laser only.
Not sure if that is in real too.

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I see, then it should indicate the location of laser target while only in LOAL modes, is that right?

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Sourced from my contact who was a real apache airman:

1. You actually aren't supposed to have any queue on the laser's whatsoever as a visual indicator of where or what you have locked. The system (which is slowly being implemented), and IRL, is that you strictly have your laser codes (the frequency the laser pulses at). You program your guidance system to lock on to a specific laser code (which is either your own, or one assigned to the JTAC in the field). The majority of the time, pilots prefer to lase themselves (own lase), because they have a visual reference of what they are shooting at, etc. When a JTAC or other unit is lasing a target, they simply relay the laser information and target, and the apache launches and prays they hit it. You can get a visual indicator on the laser (via NV obviously), but besides that there is no actual seeking system that will display it for you. In short - if your not shooting at your own laser, its FAF on the laser. Now (part I could be wrong about) you can get a lock indicator when your doing LOBL on a laser code other than your own. However, its just a text/tone indicator. "Locked onto something", you have no way of knowing what or where.

The system obviously has its good and bad parts. However, like I said, most pilots prefer to designate on their own, especially in apaches. However - this is the main reason for LOAL and fire-arches. You can hide your apache behind a hill, fire LOAL-HI, and the hellfire will arch over the hill, go nose down, and then lock onto the laser and hit it.

2. @ SB: Just about. LOBL locks onto whatever current laser code your guidance system is set to lock to, and will just give you a lock/no lock indicator (could be wrong, but this is way I remember him explaining it to me).

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cool, thx very much for finding out so much information on that.
I understand it like, we are currently missing two features compared to real life; the "Locked onto something" indicator/tone and ability to set laser codes on a SOFLAM.
Should I create another ticket for the SOFLAM one?

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Any more work on this ?

Big Box in IHADSS LOBL - Watch the videos

Little Box in IHADSS LOAL

If either are broken then you are out of launch constraints

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