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Various changes to improve gameplay and add to authenticity.

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Can we please have both flashlights and lasers on weapons, and they can be swapped (without automatically being turned off) with the shift f combo. Also, I like how you guys have changed the usmc loadouts. Giving the basic rifleman just iron sights is realistic and true to life. Although the grenadier should be given iron sights to balance the game. Yes you do see a lot o soldiers with acogs and m203 combos in pictures but you also see marines with just acogs, this is because marines are often given acogs if the situation allows it, but generally the same rule applies to grenadiers. And especially for game reasons the standerd grenadier should be given just iron sights. Maybe seeing acogs are being used so frequently by the marines now we could add in "rifleman (ACOG)" and "grenadier (ACOG)" and just keep the regular riflemen and grenadiers with iron sights. And the last and most important issue is US Marines with M4s? They only use m16s and m4a1s... Asides these problems the majority of the latest ace update has been of exceptional quality. Please note I am giving constructive criticism Im not trying to sound ungrateful because I love the mod.


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One suggestion / bug report per ticket please; http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Bug_Reporting
Flashlights and lasers has been covered over and over, search for it.

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Regarding the M4/M4A1, regular infantry units in the USMC have the three-round-burst capable M4 issued, and not the full auto M4A1, which can be found in the hands of special units, such as Recon, Force Recon and MARSOC units. I guess Bohemia didn't bother themselves to make a proper M4 into Arma 2 -as main US infantry weapon is the M16A4 because of the settings.

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