Bug #16492

Takistan GPS COORDS 116085-116086 AI refuses to move though certain line

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At the border between 116087 and 116086 in Takistan, there is an invisible block that does not let AI pass but allows a player to move freely.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Download the attached demomission
  2. Extract it to ArmA 2\Missions\
  3. Start Singleplayer->Scenario->AI_weird.Takistan
  4. Issue a "Column" order to make the effect more obvious (does not depend on the formation though)
  5. As the human team leader, move beyond the line of red arrows in front of you.
  6. AI will stop somewhere near the red line and will not pass it. If the team leader moves towards the road or high enough in the hill, he will eventually pass the invisible block and others will follow him.

There are more places like this on the map, I have seen at least one other spot, but I didn't realize it at that point and cannot really say where it was. I also think the bug is not new, I have observed this (at the other place which I unfortunately cannot remember) in an earlier revision too.

This is without any mods, just plain A2+OA+BAF+PMC

(I put this under category "World" since I assume it is a mesh problem, not a real AI problem)

AI_weird.Takistan.7z - Example Mission Files (937 Bytes) Alwarren, 01/06/2011 19:11

Takistan_GPS_COORDS_116085-116086_AI_refuses_to_move_though_certain_line.jpg - Map (327.8 kB) Hanzu, 09/18/2011 20:58


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Using 1.60 BETA without any mods and I managed to reproduce this issue both with original reporters demomission and in editor.

In editor also my AI controlled Humwee stopped to that insisible block, but whith second move command continued through it. AI men did not manage to do the same. They always needed to find a way around invisible block either using the road where block ends or going higher to the hill where the other end of the block seems to be.

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