Bug #16451

Large gaps, must be to fat to fit?

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Priority:Normal Due date:01/19/2011
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Gaps in jpegs can't be crawled through... needs to be sorted, makes for some retarded situations.

arma2oa_2011-01-05_19-16-30-77.jpg (1.5 MB) 77, 01/05/2011 08:22

arma2oa_2011-01-05_19-16-54-15.jpg (1.7 MB) 77, 01/05/2011 08:22


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Please provide the following information:

- Which map/world is this? (Chernarus?)
- Please make a screenshot of the map where this is (Coordinates?)
- What do you mean with "gaps in jpegs" there are no images, probably models rather - do you mean those rocks?
- Best is to provide an editor mission with the player positioned correctly; just zip up the mission folder and attach
- Which A2 or OA version do you use?

Updated by AvEngErZx over 6 years ago

Please read the wiki again and learn how to post a ticket. I personally think there is much nothing to do about this gap.

Press V and you could step over

Also I suspect this map is a custom map, doesn't look like Chenarus Castle to me.
Since this line "For some retarded situation" is present. By right should be rejected.

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  • Status changed from Feedback to Expired

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I also verify this issue is from some custom map and not from any Arma2 official maps. So therefore I move it to Other Category to clean up World Category. The whole issue deserves Status Rejected.

Updated by Fireball almost 6 years ago

Closed is closed (in this case).

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