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Fixed FOV NVGs and more realistic "getting used to the dark"

Added by galzohar over 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Currently NVGs are basically an overlay. IRL those NVGs have a fixed FOV, just like a weapon scope has a fixed FOV. Would be interesting to have this done realistically, if at all possible. That way we'll actually have a reason to not use NVGs all the time if there is some light outside.

Of course this would probably need to be combined with some kind of a fix for how insanely long it takes to "get used to the dark" - IRL when you take off your NVGs you don't become completely blind for a second or 2, but rather you can see at least somewhat OK if there is some kind of light outside. IRL it still takes time for your vision to even get better (even up to a few minutes to really get the most out of your eyes), but it really doesn't start off with "I'm blind".

Then of course there's the slightly unrelated issue in Arma where starts don't provide any light at all while the moon provides an insane amount of light. IRL you can see well enough to not run into giant trees even when there is no moon, while in Arma 2 you're basically blind.

Hopefully at least some of this is fixable...

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Updated by fireship4 over 6 years ago

it takes something like 30 mins for your eyes to get completely accustomed to the dark iirc. I agree somewhat with not being completely blind when you take them off though. On FOV, changeable FOV is in arma because the human eye has better resolution than a screen can replicate while showing you a wide FOV. I dont know if this would apply to NVGs though as they cant see too far, but it still might.

Updated by galzohar over 6 years ago

Scopes have a fixed FOV because it's already narrow enough to not really need adjusting to compensate for resolution (which is what the basic zoom is supposed to do). NVGs aren't exactly too wide FOV either, so it's not unlikely that fixing their FOV to the correct value will not cause those problems. Besides I kinda doubt those NVGs have 1680:1050 resolution IRL anyway.

Getting used to the dark completely should definitely take longer, but your starting point should be much much better than it currently is, and you should get quite used to it within a few seconds and almost completely used to it within a few minutes. If anything here takes 30 minutes it may be to completely get used to the dark, which isn't a huge difference compared to what you could see after a couple of minutes (I did spend quite a bit of time walking around at night, including moonless nights and full moon nights, as well as with and without turning on a flashlight or looking through an NVG weapon sight).

Updated by Spyder001 over 6 years ago

NVGs are actually monocles in real life. Which means they cover only one eye. So when you take them off you already have an eye that is adjusted to the night. NVGs have no depth perceptions so they take some getting used to. So when your try grabbing something or stepping over something it's difficult at first to get the distance right. Everything seems closer then it really is. You also have to adjust the focus if you want to see things very clearly. So something up close can be clear while something 50m away will be slightly blurred. Another thing with NVGs in real life is that if you have no small amount of light it's difficult to see. You cant just keep turning the brightness up. You can however, turn your IR light on. This will, if the enemy has NVGs as well, give your position away.

NVGs can also be used inside with the lights on. (Soldiers in my unit are blacked out). NVG images were taken using my blackberry. You want get the effect of having use of your other eye from them.

Even with NVGs on you have a better/ equal to FOV compared to a monitor. Touch your fingers/ thumb together and make a circle. Then put it over one eye. That is the FOV of NVGs.

Updated by galzohar over 6 years ago



In-game FOV is limited by monitor but you can set it to be whatever you want and then change it again in-game with zoom in/out. Scope FOV such as ACOG or Leupold is fixed, just like it is IRL, and NVGs shouldn't really be any different if it's at all possible to make it work.

Updated by beta over 6 years ago

As a note to what Spyder001 is saying ..

There are two "proxies" for NVG models when worn, one on the special forces units (unsure exactly which ones), looks to be an AN/PVS-14 (monocular), however, the default night vision equipment, and the actual model represented by it's icon and "dropped" model, is the AN/PVS-7, which, is NOT monocular .. sort of. It is monocular, but, both eyes are covered.

Updated by Xeno over 6 years ago

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Updated by Spyder001 over 6 years ago

galzohar in the US Army we do not use those. Look where it says gen 3.

Updated by galzohar over 6 years ago

Which one do you currently use, then? AN/PVS-14? Because the Arma soldiers definitely use the AN/PVS-7 :) AN/PVS-14 definitely has its advantages, which again should be simulated if it is decided to add it to the game (even without a model as I guess that's not possible without MLODs, but at least an appropriate item class and appropriate first person view). Getting used to darkness would be even faster with it, and the FOV of course should be appropriate to whatever the AN/PVS-14 has (used to remember what it was, but forgot, it had been a while...). In IDF where I served we had both AN/PVS-7s and AN/PVS-14s, and both didn't exactly have high availability.

Of course simulating the effect of "1 eye in NVG and other eye without" would probably not be possible, but at least simulating the view from the eye that does look through the NVG would hopefully be possible.

Of course the AN/PVS-7 should still be there, for Takistani Army or whatever user-made units that are supposed to be using them.

Updated by Spyder001 over 6 years ago

Yes we use the AN/PVS-14

Updated by DarkWanderer over 6 years ago

one on the special forces units (unsure exactly which ones), looks to be an AN/PVS-14 (monocular)

This is true only for ACE/TF86 units (and possibly some other mods), in vanilla game there's only PVS-7.

Updated by rocko almost 6 years ago

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