Bug #16369

SPAS12 - there is no suitable ammunition

Added by iEnemY over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I use a crate generator, generate all ammunition to a crate, pick up SPAS12, and cant find ammunition for him in crate.

arma2oa_2011-01-01_19-52-33-89.jpg - Screenshot - have 2 types of 12 gauge, but no have action to load it. (149.8 kB) iEnemY, 01/01/2011 16:56


Updated by iEnemY over 6 years ago

Sorry, i found here http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/ACE_1_7_Update_1 news about you fix it. When this update will be available for download?

Updated by Xeno over 6 years ago

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On SIX Updater, as usual during developement cycle.

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