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M242 Louder than M256?

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I just updated to today's edition a few hours ago and I'm loving the new sound effects for explosions and the gunfire reverb. However, and I state this with the caveat that I don't know if it's realistically-accurate or not, but the M242 25 mm on a Bradley seems to be louder than everything else on the battlefield, including grenades, rockets, .50 cals, and the M256 on the Abrams. Along the same lines, I'm not sure if the M242 is louder than the M256 and all that other stuff at close range, but it definitely seems to have a slower volume dropoff at a distance than everything else I've listed. Can some other folks also test today's build to see if they have the same impressions? Thanks.


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I have no idea whats causing this.

M242's soundcfg:


As you can see, M256 has much higher volume value (first value) than 242.

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I ran a test and Fraps'ed it. For the two vehicles firing at an invisible armor target (OPFOR), I placed my unit at the distances of roughly {100, 200, 500, 1000} meters and recorded the sound levels. This video shows that.

I also then opened the clips in Goldwave to see their actual levels...from what I could tell, it seemed that the M-242 had equal, if not slightly higher volumes at every distance. Might be that the sharper attack sound of the M-242 firing makes it seem significantly louder than the actual difference is. Maybe tone down the volume for the M-242 slightly more?

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