Bug #16335

AI vehicles unable to cross shallow river

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AI vehicles get stuck or destroy their vehicle crossing the Zargabad river despite that river offering shallow sections allowing successful crossing to the player.

Two groups of non-amphibious vehicles such as a HMMWV, Stryker, Bradley and ATV Quad are placed on the west bank of the river and are given waypoints on the east bank of the river.
The river offers several spots where infantry can wade to the other side without losing weapons, and the player can drive any of the above vehicles to the opposite bank without causing damage to vehicle.
I've marked the following spots on the map (in the attached mission):
- green is traversable by the player as driver and AI
- yellow is traversable by the player as driver (but rarely successfully used bye the AI)
- red is not traverable by the player as driver

Expected behavior
AI vehicles all successfully cross the river via a shallow section in the river.
AI vehicles don't enter river at spot where they cannot cross river.
AI vehicles continue crossing the river once entering the river.

Observed behavior
Northern group tracked vehicle (Bradley) drives into river near its starting position and destroys vehicle.
Northern group wheeled vehicle drive south to find a spot to cross river. Some succeed, typically via the southern most crossing (green).
Southern group vehicles attempt to cross at center crossing (yellow), and some vehicles stay stuck in the water for several minutes, sometimes indefinitely.

bug_stuck_crossing_river.Zargabad.7z (1.6 kB) _William, 12/30/2010 20:35


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good job. would be useful for many community worlds too

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