Bug #16296

High Explosive rounds explode twice when they ricochet

Added by maturin over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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This is a very old, very simple bug. When an HE cannon round ricochets off a surface, it explodes both at the ricochet point AND on impact with the second surface. It's a magic shell that explodes twice. HE rounds should not explode when they ricochet, or if they do explode, they should not ricochet.

I have witnessed this in Arma 2, OA and CO, with and without mods.

To reproduce, place a vehicle with a low rate of fire autocannon in front of a building and slowly fire HE rounds at the ground. Eventually you will see a round that causes two explosions. Also very visible when flying an AH1z and strafing with the cannon.


Updated by AGW-Grimes over 6 years ago

I've noticed this when flying the Apache and the Cobra back in A2. When you shoot a tree or bush, the round explodes, but keeps going until it explodes for the final time on the ground.

Updated by maturin over 6 years ago

Why are the two Reproducible? categories set to No? Did someone change them or did they default to that because I didn't set them.

The guy above has experienced it, and what's more the glitch has been present on both my computers, through dozens of beta builds, patches and an entire expansion.

Updated by BigDawgKS over 6 years ago

This one is strange; it only happens with certain types of rounds. For example, Sabot rounds fired from MBTs don't explode when they ricochet, but they are set to explosive (you can clearly see a small explosion effect on the final impact), but other weapons like the M230 do have multiple explosion effects. Config-wise, there's nothing I can see that would clearly define this difference in behavior between the two.

Does anyone feel like doing some additional testing to figure out under exactly what conditions (config settings) it happens?

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Haven't seen this yet...can you please create a mission with the correct weapons to repro it at a good spot? Maybe add a video of it happening?

Updated by Tankbuster over 6 years ago

I have seen this happen with Warrior main gun.

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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Feel free to reopen if a demo mission and repro steps are provided.

Updated by maturin over 6 years ago

Uh, I already provided repro steps. I don't see the point of a demo mission when it is a problem with the ballistics processes and not dependent on any circumstances that a demo mission would be indicative of. Multiple users have attested to the existence of the problem and it is is common knowledge on the forums.

Any HE shot with a low angle of incidence and a suitable backdrop with illustrate the bug.

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