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Damage Modelling - Scripts and Missions

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Component:Damage Affected Version:1.7
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damage/getdamage commands returning zero on damaged vehicles is absolutely normal as the system only damages individual components with 'setHit', which does not affect the overall damage parameter. You can retrieve components' damage from vehicle variables. For tanks it's

I can't say anything about the explosion when changing locality yet. Having debug dumps from server and client would be very helpful.

ACE should compliment not replace existing BIS functionality.

I would there for politely request that ACE DOES update the damage value; I thought ACE was suppose to be a transparent upgrade. Therefore non-ACE aware missions and scripts can still function; ACE aware scripts may of course use the finer grained functionality.

Having missions which are broken by ACE because you no longer register damage in the traditional and in the most part expected way will not win ACE any friends in the mission making and scripting sections of the community, and will further damage this mods reputation.


Updated by barmyarmy over 6 years ago

Does this mean that onHit and onDammaged events are no longer fired either ?

Updated by barmyarmy over 6 years ago

This is BIS's doing - bloomin heck...

Apologies all round...

  • goes off to swear in a corner **

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Also, afaik once the vehicle is destroyed it returns getdamage _vehicle 1 and alive _vehicle false.

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