Bug #16161

Loading savegame always turns high command on in missions where it is available

Added by Hanzu over 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Make savegame in Harvest Red campaign Badlands mission or in multiplayer cooperative mission 05 Steel Panthers or in a*ny mission where high command (CTRL+SPACE) is available*.

Even if you had normal control mode (player character faceicons in bottom left corner) when save was used, when you load savegame high command control mode is always on.

Savegame should also save control mode that was on when savegame was made and not always default to high command after loading savegame that was made in mission where high command is also available.


Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

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This seems rather trivial to me, right? Is there some reason why you can't ctrl-space quickly to change it, beyond mere (minimal) annoyance?

Else, I'd rather keep this as Feature ticket, if you don't mind.

Updated by Hanzu over 6 years ago

EDIT: Rewrote the whole thing for easier reading.

Even a slight suspicion that it is related to these bugs hopefully qualifies as a reason:

It happened everytime for me in one 4 hour long gamesession with those 2 other bugs linked above and if game would always correctly start in normal mode instead of high command mode, you would see immediately if one of Razor Team character face icons is missing which means that bug has appeared and a human player has incorrecly spawned as NAPA/CDF soldier instead of Razor Team member.

Switching away from high command mode with CTRL+SPACE every time save game is loaded may seem minimal annoyance but when you do it 20 times during play session you may change your mind, its like you would always start your mission crawling even though you were standing when last save happened.

Also some hosts who have never used high command before may be confused when it automatically comes on for the first time (at least I was when I played 05 Steel Panthers, I was like what are there icons on bottom left screen and why enemy unit symbols are shown behind hills in my main screen even though I never play anything less than Expert difficulty where all map help icons are disabled).

So in high command you will also see enemy (and friendly) unit markers in the main screen even when they are behind mountains or buildings, so if you really want to play Expert difficulty and have as good realism as this game offers, then seeing those markers in main screen feels a lot like cheating to me and I get annoyed seeing them even once during the game.

Of course there are missions like Badlands or Dogs Of War where high command basically reguired if you really want to complete those mission, but still I would keep normal mode as default after save game is loaded.

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