Feature #16125

Create Static Vehicles for Automated Static Emplacements

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Status:Closed Start date:12/20/2010
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Category:Automated Static Emplacement
Target version:RC 1 (Panthera USMC) - 15th MEU Estimated time:8.00 hours
Component: Difficulty:Expert
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Affected ArmA II version:1.56.76134


Create Static Vehicles for Automated Static Emplacements. This will supplement static gun emplacements on the roofs of houses as well. Examples would be putting a UAZ with MG with NO GAS 50m from a radio tower. This makes the vehicle static. Other classes of objects could be used. Need to see also about just being able to spawn on a roadway. This should follow and expand upon the code already in Automated Static Emplacements which already puts guns on roofs. This should supplement that code.


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Done for SAM Vehicles Only. We just empty their fuel when we use createVehicle and spawn the crew. Need to find out how to put some static defense to them and modeltoworld, which eludes us so far. It is usable, but we want to add more. Closing since it will work and opening a new ticket

Updated by sowens over 5 years ago

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