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Night-time lighting effects on RPGs in flight

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ACE has made a visual change to RPGs, M136s, Carl Gustavs and several other types rocket launchers that I bitterly dislike.

When firing warheads from any of these weapons at night, the rocket motor gives off light, illuminating the ground beneath it.

ACE changes the color of this light from a believable shade to one matching the color of the burning exhaust. In this case: red. Flat, pure, bright red.

The effect is somewhere inbetween a strange sort of flare gun and a Las Vegas casino flying through the air. The world simply doesn't turn that color in real life, not unless the designer of some sort of firecracker is determined to get an incredibly strong tint. It looks jarring, distracting, and downright ugly.

Now, it is true that RPGs appear as a red glow in-flight, but simply because the overall color is red does not mean that the light given off would turn a 50m swathe of ground the exact same shade. Unless someone can post a video showing this phenomenon, I can't believe that even a purpose-built flare could create an effect like this.

The lighting for rockets in flight is perfect to begin with in vanilla OA.


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Available in the about to be released v1.7 RC1 Hotfix1.

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