Bug #16015

EASA fab-250 bug

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Status:Closed Start date:12/17/2010
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Target version:1.7
Component:sys_easa Affected Version:
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I take the plane su25, catering to the EASA module, I come up, select the option change weapons, choose the latest in the list of the bomb (fab250) on all the pylons. Waiting for download. I sit on the plane, and watch five clips to 31 bombs each, Total 31 * 5 = 155 bombs. Yes, it's certainly cool, but I would like to see more in the EASA bombs KAB-500 (various versions) and missiles X25, this can be found on the Su30.
Initialization parameters for the EASA module: this setVariable["NoHangar", true]; this allowdamage false; this setVariable["NUKES", 1]; this setVariable["SIDE", 0];

bomb_count.jpg - Here you can see lot of bombs. Count - 155 (119.6 kB) iEnemY, 12/17/2010 16:17

fab250_last.jpg - This bomb is 31 bombs. First bomb in list - 1 round. (97.7 kB) iEnemY, 12/17/2010 16:17

initialisation.jpg - Initialisation parameters (123.7 kB) iEnemY, 12/17/2010 16:17


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whoa, rapid fixing...

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Should be available in the about to be release ACE 1.7 RC1

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