Bug #15911

Map Marker Disappears after Respawn

Added by cranky about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:12/14/2010
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Target version:MSO v3.3
Component: Reproduced by another DH user:No
Close Reason: I am using some Mods:Yes
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When playing as team lead, I recruited AI to man the FOB defences and then went out and got myself killed. After respawning, I automatically became a subordinate member of the AI team, and no longer had my own map marker. I discovered this after going to the other FOB and trying to find my location on the map.

The problem seemed to go away after I died again, and reunited with my team after respawning at which point I became team lead again.

Adding GPS to the standard loadout would alleviate this. Otherwise it might be necessary to re-allocate team status upon respawn for team leaders.


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Players losing leader status has been fixed.

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