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System of overheating for all the weapons.

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It would be amusing to put a system of overheating for all the weapons (Machine pistol to the canon of 30mm or more)

- To avoid the shootings of suppression inopportune.
- To support team work.
- And of course to increase a little more realism.

Thanks :)

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Updated by Sickboy over 6 years ago

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Updated by rye over 6 years ago

Cause Rounds to cook-off?
See it heating up on thermal?


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http://dev-heaven.net/issues/4841 - Realistic Jam Rates.

Updated by Silly over 6 years ago

It is to be able me to be able to draw 5 box of 249 without it not occurring anything.
And it drank it is of being able to integrate it into the gun of 30mm or more… with MG, MP ect…

Updated by Enforcer over 6 years ago

Might be difficult to tell the engine exactly when to jam a weapon due to continuous fire. Might be possible to factor in the heat of the barrel.

I also had a problem where i would jam a M60 twice when firing all mags ( could have been 4 or 5 )
Then i took a M4 and fired 4 (?) c-mags without any problems.

Updated by rocko over 6 years ago

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Updated by rye over 6 years ago

Just more prone to jamming - the chance of it jamming increases as the temperature of the barrel increases would probably be easier to do. The more magazines you go through in a shorter period of time too - also depending on the kind of magazine and weapon type so it all links in with Feature #4841: Realistic jam rates per gun.

It just has to be as close to perfect for simulating common problems, that sounds like a once-off Enforcer. :D

Updated by JBowles over 6 years ago

A hot barrel and heavy fire rate really does not have any direct correlation to short term weapon reliability at least for small arms. The AK and the M16 will both catch there hand guards on fire before anything stops working, in fact typically the only thing that will stop a M4 in cyclic fire is a ruptured barrel due to the softening and weakening of the steel when its red hot.

Updated by rocko almost 6 years ago

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