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What about if you set the BRdM HQ for +2 people ride in back ? The BRdM HQ has two passenger seats at the rear of the chassis, and it looks unreal that only two guys can get in the vehicle.

BRdM.JPG (57.3 kB) Vilman, 11/21/2010 21:03

brdm2hqtest.PNG - Gunner clipping in passenger (501.8 kB) rocko, 11/22/2010 03:13


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It's not possible because BIS seems to have added 3 cargo proxies in the BRDM HQ.
Instead of 2 passengers in the back, one passenger would sit right to the driver and one in the back (theoretically then offering 3 caro seats, since one seat is empty in the back).
But the cargo seat right next to the driver causes the gunner of the BRDM2 HQ to clip into the passenger seat.

Illustrated by screenshot.

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