Feature #15237

Respawn system improvements

Added by Freeborne over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Target version:MSO v3.3
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Instead of instant spawning back at base (~5 second delay), spawn back at a medical tent, and maybe throw in some varying camera angles or a fade out/in effect. 'Insta-spawn' ruins the realism.

Also, what reason is there to lose all gear on respawn? At least keep the basics (compass, watch, radio and map).


Updated by wolffy.au over 4 years ago

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Respawning loses the realism. :P

Revive may not have been working when you tried it. We confirmed its working in v3.1a.

Loss of gear is a good thing in my opinion (although I think its one of Rommel's bugs :) ). There should be payment for dying... (mwuh huh huh)!

Will change to Feedback and wait for more votes.

Updated by rye over 4 years ago

I believe if an ammo box is there with your basic equipment then fine, but re-spawning with it gives the impression of you can do it again and jump right back in the fight. At least having them have to get their kit together before going out again will stop them from acting pubber-like. Haha. Hopefully!

But yeah I agree the visuals of you re-spawning should be better, don't know about any camera tricks though, depends what looked the best. Might be a bit trivial but maybe should be looked at in the future.

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No longer lose weapons on respawn.

Not interested in visual effects when respawning as you shouldn't be dying so often. :)

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