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AIPlugin - Terrorist Safehouses/Compounds

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Once a terrorist organisations strength, numbers and funding get low then they should set-up and start to use safehouses - away from their old organisations positions - but only if they have time and morale to do so. It should be heavily defended, well-supplied and nothing out of the ordinary in terms of just looking like a plain house - giving nothing away.

Evidence should lead to these safehouses where you can capture or kill multiple low, medium and high value targets. And even do some surveillance on the house and link other organisation members to this particular organisation - they most probably would have IED facilities, drug and weapon producing equipment and other evidence inside them.

If they wanted to leave their old position but still remain dominant and in the known (in the public) then they would set-up compounds or occupy whole towns. Having roadblocks (checkpoints) and regular patrols throughout it. There would be many civilians who would be recruited into this movement (low skill compared) and they would protect valuable targets and evidence with their life - unless of course morale was low, they may come to our side, flee or even attack the terrorists themself.


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