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He asked me to put these down as he's going away for a few days. I'll just copy and paste.

Main base, protected by AI

--> ability to take platoon to a location on the map and build a forward outpost that acts as a respawn and resupply location

--> radio commands to call in a helicopter with specific supplies that comes with its own apache protection that maybe flys in 30 seconds before the supply chopper and does a couple loops then rotates while the suppply chopper drops off a crate with the requested supplies.

perhaps an ability to schedule the eta's of the support modules so maybe you could call in a medevac chopper and a suppply chopper and have them both come at the same time
with the apache escort.

--> possibility of calling in an armoured supply convoy that includes 2 armoured assault vehicles and suppply trucks etc including whatever vehicle is ordered. might also add flavour if you could be given the option of supporting that convoy.

also maybe chance that the convoy will get ambushed if you havent fully cleared current obj or convoy route before calling in suppport.

--> logistics - When building a base, the officer only can build the base by planting objects that are at zero health. As the officer plants objects everyone but other support roles can use an action on that building that builds it over time (time period relevant to size of building)

that way the privates will have something to do while the FOB is being built.

---> Have it so when you have expired all your lives you are then allowed to play on the insurgency side by selecting insurgents on the map in the same way that the current game mode "insurgency" by pogoman allows you to do this.

This would add to the gameplay by bring a pvp element. Causing you to think twice about leaving a FOB unmaned. Especially if the fob had mission critical elements like suppplies or a radio that is used to call in supplies that can be destroyed by a well planted ied/whatever.

would also increase likelyhood of the use of patrols to protect the base etc. protection might be to kill any opfor that enter a us area without any Bluefor on a server etc.


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